A bright, gleaming smile can have a positive effect on your overall appearance, and ultimately help you feel more confident about the way you look. If you have begun to notice signs of yellowing and staining on your teeth – a natural condition that happens to many of us over time – there are progressive teeth whitening options available at Home of Smiles Dental Clinic that can help you address these concerns. With our Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment, we can improve the appearance of your teeth and give you the smile that lights up the room!

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments can give your teeth a whiter, more refreshed appearance. These popular procedures are supervised by our experienced cosmetic dentist to ensure you obtain the best possible results. Our In-office teeth whitening treatment effectively address stains and discolouration caused by a number of factors, including:

Consumption of coffee, wine, and tea

Use of tobacco products

The natural aging process

Once you come in for your initial oral evaluation and consultation, we will talk with you about your options and determine whether teeth whitening can help you meet your goals. In cases of excessively dark and deep-set stains, porcelain veneers can often serve as an effective alternative.

What can cause tooth discoloration?

There are many reasons which teeth can stain. The most common include your food and drink choices, oral hygiene, and medication use. Teeth stains occur on the surface of the tooth or below the tooth enamel.

Our In-Office Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our in-office whitening treatments begin with the application of a strong whitening gel along your teeth. A special light will then be held over the teeth, which activates the gel and allows the oxygen to penetrate through the enamel and dentin, reducing stains along the way. Once this is accomplished, the teeth should take on a whiter, more refreshed appearance.
Do you have questions about our teeth whitening treatment? Please contact us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation at Home of Smiles Dental Clinic. We look forward to hearing from you!