Pulling or Saving an Infected Tooth: Which Is Better?

Tooth infection occurs when bacteria get into the tooth through a crack, chip, or cavity due to poor dental hygiene or a high sugar diet. If you are suffering from this dental problem, pulling it may seem to be the fastest and easiest solution to stop the pain and discomfort. But the truth is you have another option: saving your natural tooth. To determine which option is best for you, use this article as your guide.

Why Should I Consider Saving My Tooth?

Saving your infected tooth might be more beneficial than pulling it. Here are some reasons why it’s worth considering this option:

– Maintains your youthful appearance: Extracting a tooth causes the root that supports the jaw to be pulled. The surrounding bone will eventually collapse when there is a gap in it. Over time, your physical features may make you look older than you actually are. Preserving teeth, on the other hand, lets you maintain your youthful appearance.

– Brings comfort: Many tooth replacement options are now available because of technological advancement, but fabricated teeth tend to be weak and cause discomfort. They still don’t have the same strength and functionality that natural teeth have.

– Avoids malocclusions through gradual shifting: Pulling a tooth creates a gap that causes the surrounding teeth to shift. It can cause more severe and costly problems with bite alignment.

– Provides a less painful procedure: Your dentist administers local anesthesia near the site of tooth extraction to make the procedure as painless as possible. But once the medicine is eliminated from your system, you will likely experience several more days of pain.

– Cuts down costs:  Pulling a tooth may seem cheaper than fixing it. But in reality, getting a tooth replacement costs more time and money, depending on your chosen treatment.  Some costs of dentures can even go high, depending on the severity of the dental problem.

How Do I Save My Tooth?

Hanging on to your natural tooth for as long as you can is your best option, but infection and decay can encourage you to pull it as soon as possible. To save your infected tooth, seek emergency dental care and get a root canal.

This procedure eliminates pain and encourages fast recovery. It involves cleaning and disinfecting the inside of your tooth and getting rid of its inflamed or infected interior pulp. Afterward, the natural tooth is filled with a substance for strength and protection to restore its functionality.

When Is the Best Time to Extract My Tooth?

Saving your tooth is always preferable, but there are cases when pulling it is a better option. Some instances requiring tooth extraction are when a tooth is too weak to be restored or cracked, especially below the gumline.


Saving your natural tooth is beneficial most of the time. However, there are times when tooth extraction is necessary. To help you make an informed decision on how to deal with an infected tooth, keep the information above in mind and consult with a dentist specializing in a root canal, tooth extraction, and urgent dental care.

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