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6 Types of Periodontal Diseases You Should Know About

Any periodontal disease can take control of your daily life with rapid progression. Periodontal disease is categorized as the condition where there’s infection and inflammation of the gums, causing the bone structure around the attachment to be damaged over time. If left untreated, periodontal diseases can cause teeth to become loose or result in a complete loss as there’s no…

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Planning on Switching to an Electric Toothbrush? Here’s What You Must Know

Oral hygiene is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An electric toothbrush is gaining popularity each year as many consider it to clean your teeth better compared to manual brushes. But is it true? Are there any dangers to using an electric brush? Let’s explore the use of electric toothbrushes in detail. Types of Electric Toothbrushes There are two types…

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